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sadgiraffe Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in the "sadgiraffe" journal:
May 2nd, 2005
09:16 pm


Stories from the Road
I know it’s been quite a long while since I updated here. I think I’m still the same person, sort of, maybe. Part of the reason for the lack of updates is that I uprooted my life over the last 6 months, during which my computer access has been very limited and/or erratic. I just got back from a 2 week tour with the wonderful Dallas based band, Neo Camerata. I had an amazing time, playing music with them in 10 Northeastern cities! I have both a hilarious and a heartwarming story for each city and/or day of the tour. I’m putting them to work in some new tunes… I’ll try to sum them up soon, and make a link so whoever wants to can read them.
It’s hard to try to sum up the tour- so much happened everyday. I had so much fun I could barely contain myself. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much for so many consistent days in a row. I also know I got a record with amount of Vanilla Vodka consumed in 2 weeks. And free drinks scored in one week. Good times indeed! And not much sleep in 10 days.
Highlights include: piling 6 people plus instruments + gear + approx. 20 pieces of luggage into a minivan, (that was b/c of a mix up at the rental place, which was thankfully fixed the next day), saying one of the boldest things I’ve ever said on stage and somehow getting away with it, learning to tune my guitar by ear in front of people with perfect pitch =) , ripping a hole in my pants, getting to sign autographs for lots of folks, acquiring lotsa new listeners to join the team, finishing a song in my hotel room (I’ve always wanted to write a song while on tour), and of course just getting to play music with the phenomenal musicians that make up Neo C. It is so awesome to get to wake up in a different city and play a different venue every day. The guys from Neo C are just the best, I miss them already. My good friend Michelle came along with us, employed as our sassy merchandise girl - it was so comforting and just such a blast to have her along. It was great to be able to bring a friend on my first trip out.
I have some pics, but I have to attain access to a scanner so I can put em up. Also there are quite a few digital pics that the guys took, which I will get as soon as they get settled. I can’t wait!
All in all the tour was a great success; with lots of contacts made and stories for the grandchildren- I am so much further along my path now. I learned SO much, and it was an honor to be in such amazing company.
Now I don’t ever want to play without a string section!

I will try to post some pics later this week!

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October 16th, 2004
03:30 am


Tour news, new song, and insomnia
Well, sheesh! What did I tell you, I absolutely suck at Livejournal or keeping any kind of journal...

I am updating right now b/c it's 3:30am, and I can't sleep. I just received more info today about the tour with Neo Camerata. It's being pushed back 3 weeks, so we're leaving Nov.21 and coming back Dec.8th. So, I'll be on the road during Thanksgiving! I'm not one to miss holidays with my family, but this is a pretty damn good reason I'd say. Still I'm sure I'll be a little homesick come Turkey Day. On the upside I won't have to do absentee or early voting, like I had originally thought.
I also found out that I get to room with the other girl in the band, so that will be fun!

Alot of other stuff has been going on. My skin is breaking out, and I need a haircut really bad. Also need to hit the gym and lose 7 pounds before this tour. Help! I need to do alot of things. But all in all none of them are that important given the state of things in the world right now.

The show at Saxon this week went really well- we played after Bob Schneider. It worked out well because there were TONS of people there to see him and quite a few stuck around for most of my set. Lots more people than I could've brought out myself at 11pm on a Monday! I sold some CDS and some new folks signed the email list. I stayed out till 3am, and staggered into work the next day. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out, and to my band for rocking out!

I actually did my new song towards the end- and I thought I'd put the lyrics here. B/c I don't really have a place for lyrics on my site, and sometimes people ask me about it..

The song was conceived while I was sitting on the patio in Galveston at 2am by myself on my solo excursion there. I was listening to the crashing of the waves. The song had a gestation period of about 4 months, during which I shared the idea with my friend Adam in Nashville. He wrote some lyrics that went in a different direction than I was already off on, but he gave a couple of good ideas for 2 phrases that I was stuck on. It was finally finished about 3 weeks ago. It's still incubating a little...

Time With You-

I walked for hours on the shore
Searching for you to bring some more
Listening to a song of truth in the waves
Can't see what's sinking under and washing over my feet
So I will be brave...

Time with you, and I'm better than I used to be
Time with you, and I can forget about me
I've been alone in this room
Maybe all I've needed was some time with you

All night I heard the tide close in
Trying to suck up these tears I'm holding in
With my eyes shut, my heart is open so I can feel my way
And hear you calling me through the wind with wisdom
I long for you to say..

If I could run away with you, great love
I would shed this shell of heartache
Wash me clean, you mean everything.
You mean everything. You mean everything.

Well- I guess that's it for now. I have another half done but haven't worked on it. Maybe I'll do it now, since it's 4am!
Hope you guys are great!
I will try to post more often, and not be so boring on LJ!

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August 11th, 2004
03:34 pm


First snapshot...Galveston
So I wanted to write a little blurb about some of my adventures so far this summer. Since I haven't been keeping up with this very well, I have to do this in segments.

In mid June, I took a little solo trip to Galveston. My purpose in going was to have some solitude, and see if I could do some writing. I wasn't sure how being completely alone for a few days would be, since I had never done such a thing before.
It was really liberating and rejuvenating! There were times when I didn't quite know what to do w/ myself, though. Like when I went to walk on the beach, and there was not one other soul on my section of the beach (I was borrowing a friend's condo). I walked into the water, got scared of jellyfish. But there was no one to tell about it. I walked the shoreline a little ways, then went to lay out. Started to get burned, so I tried the water one more time. But I was still a little afraid, b/c I couldn't see what was in the water. And the whole being alone thing.
Another highlight was sitting on the patio at late at night, listening to the crashing waves (the shore was about 300 feet away). Man, that was so amazing. Then I started a song...

The rest of my time there, I journaled, worked on the song, did some meditation. I did have some human interaction when my uncle drove up from Houston to have dinner with me. That was really nice, but I don't think I was holding my end of the conversation up very well =)
I drove back to Austin, feeling totally cleansed and renewed. I drove myself straight to the showcase I had that night... and played my songs with lots of energy and joy. I got a really good response also- people said they could see my aura. So, that was a really rich experience, being by myself for a few days! I want to make that a priority to plan that more. I didn't realize how crazy codependent I was becoming!

More about other excursions soon...

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March 2nd, 2004
04:07 pm


The obligatory first post...
I have been putting this off for awhile! I always thought it would be fun to have one of these, but then when it came to actually doing it- it was kind of scary. I think there is a persona that most people develop onstage in order to keep a protective boundary around the inner self. It gets confusing sometimes b/c my songs are pretty personal, almost always autobiographical at this point in time. Anyway, my instinct was to address my audience as if I were performing, and then I realized that sort of defeats the purpose of having this thing...

Hmmm...what else should my first post include?? I'm feeling pretty good today, I suppose, all things considered. Feeling kinda heavy today, emotionally mainly. But also in the literal sense, b/c I haven't been working out. I slipped and fell a week ago, and pulled my inner thigh muscle of all places. Yep, the groin. Was limping around for a couple days, and now I'm just sore. Hoping it will be better tomorrow so I can go run on Town lake, and be fully functioning again. I need to do something about my incessant clumsiness. Sheesh! Charm school maybe, or dance classes?

Oh- I'm working on a new song, it's giving me hell, this one! I am trying to trust it to be what it is, and say what it needs to say; but it still needs some refining. But I'm trying not to over-refine too much, and let it be. It's ending up being kind of a rootsy, country thing- not sure how I feel about that. I'm trusting it for now.

I went to get some flyers printed up today for the March 25 gig...they're really cool flyers! The guy who designed them, Brad Choma, has done flyers for the Rolling Stones and the Strokes. Pretty cool.

As for other things I'm working on... I'm throwing a baby shower for my good friend Sumita this weekend. Never done one before, hope it works out ok! If anyone has any ideas for some cute baby shower games we can play, let me know. It'll be co-ed.
I guess that's it for now... shall I click the update button??? Click, and now it's out there. Love, Sara

Current Mood: hopefulhopeful

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